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||MEDIA|| Polecamy relację, przygotowaną przez "Telewizję Sudecką", z zakończenia polsko-niemieckiego workcampu "Work for peace".
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Workcamp "Work for peace"  został zrealizowany w MDSM Krzyżowa na przełomie lipca i sierpnia. Uczestnicy projektu przez dwa tygodnie pracowali na starym cmentarzu ewangelickim w Dzierżoniowie, by odkrywać i zachować to miejsce jako świadectwo międzykulturowej historii Dolnego Śląska.
Polish-German-Israeli youth exchange Strzegom-Magdeburg-Hill, Krzyżowa, 14-17.08.2017

On 14-17.08.2017 at the International Youth Meeting Center of the "Krzyżowa" Foundation, is an international youth exchange that will deal with the topic of migration in the world.

High school youth from the Ökumenisches Domgymnasium Magdeburg (ÖDG) / Germany, Stefan Żeromski High School from Strzegom / Poland and the youth of the non-governmental organization "Face to Face" from Hilla in Israel, during several days spent in Krzyżowa will try to answer the question "What is our role as young people in the global processes that surround us? "

Symposium: "Musicians in Exile" Krzyżowa, Manor House, 15.08.2017, 19:30. Admission free

The timeless topic of Musicians in Exile will once again accompany and enrich Krzyżowa Music on two evenings of the festival. Seniors and Juniors will reflect on their artistic role and position in our more and more complicated world. In the setting of Krzyżowa, which historically stands for the resistance against the Nazi-regime and the Polish-German reconciliation, Symposia and exhibitions concerning the topics “Musicians in Exile“ and “Musicians in Resistance“ will assist these thoughts and topics.

Talks on music history and author's readings will build the framework for discussions joined by time witnesses. On both evenings, the audience is invited to actively participate in discussions. "Lest we forget" – especially in such a place as Krzyżowa and especially during this European Festival. With kind support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Symposium "Musicians in Exile"

Curator: Moritz von Bredow

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 7.30 pm

Krzyżowa-Campus, Manor House, free admission




Ksiądz Bolesław Kałuża:
„Tej mszy nie wolno nam zapomnieć”

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